Our Principles
We founded Vivace Nutrition based on a simple principal to deliver products of superior quality.

We believe that eating a whole food diet should be our first choice for nutrition. This however is almost impossible given our supply chain and over farmed fields. Unfortunately this extends even to our organic foods which contain significantly less minerals and vitamins than a generation ago.

We also live a busier lifestyle than any earlier generation. This means that it is harder for us to eat correctly. We need to healthy alternatives so we can live our best.

Vivace Nutrition provides whole food vitamins, non-GMO protein powders and 100% natural supplements of superior quality.

Our Process
Source the best ingredients our bodies need to stay healthy.

Find the best manufacturers to produce our proprietary products.

Bring them to you at prices that you can afford.

We offer only the highest quality products without cutting any corners.

Our Pledge
100% All-Natural

NO artificial sweeteners

NO artificial colors

NO artificial flavors


NO preservatives

When we developed our products, we started with the end goal in mind.
Every product had to have the best ingredients, sourced from the best locations, non-gmo, expertly formulated and biologically available.

The Best Ingredients

We believe where your food comes from is important and that is why we source only the best ingredients. We use organic whenever possible and always all natural ingredients. We will never use artificial ingredients. If you have any question on our sources let us know and we will gladly share.

Small Batches

Due to using the best ingredients we source in smaller batches to ensure higher quality. All of our natural ingredients go thru a rigorous 3 day hold and testing to ensure quality and potency.

Non-GMO’s – Always

We go out of our way to ensure that we use non-GMO ingredients. Sometimes this means we have to source from a country that has banned the use of drugs or antibiotics in the food supply. For this reason some of our ingredients do come from locations such as New Zealand or Europe.


The formulation of our products is just as important as the quality of an ingredients. Some ingredients need other ingredients in order to be properly biologically available to our bodies. All our formulations are developed with a team of doctors and formulators using cutting edge research.

Biologically Active Ingredients

We use the minimal amount of processing needed in each of our ingredients. This is to ensure that every product and formulation is as biologically available to your body as possible. Over processing destroys many of the beneficial qualities rendering the ingredients relatively worthless to our bodies.